Carey Mulligan Rejects Botox: 5 Celebs Who Also Should

Carey Mulligan's face is flawless. Her skin looks like my mother's porcelain holiday vase.

So what happens when a young woman in LA with absolutely divine skin goes to see her dermatologist with a "flaw." What happens when she complains in hopes of finding "solutions." Ahhh, those pesky itty bitty lines by her eyes. You see them? Yeah, me neither. So what do you think this LA doc suggests?

We'll just drop some Botox in here and there.

... I mean, what did she expect him to say?

So I can't move my face? Isn't that the antithesis of what I'm trying to do as an actress? Only in LA would someone try and give you Botox when you're 25 years old.

Easy for this smooth-skinned 25-year-old to say, especially after striking gold with her last hit movie Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps and landing on the January 2011 cover Elle UK. Others, however, had a little bit of trouble rejecting the injections.


kenny rogers

Kenny Rogers: After a facelift and a few (hundred) Botox injections, Rogers admitted he looked "too tight around the eyelids."

kyle monogue

Kylie Minogue: The "Breathe" singer finally came out (shocker) last year that she was a Botox user. Her face looks like it actually hurts.

Kate Gosselin: This mom has had her fair share of Botox publicity. I guess running around with all eight kids really does take a toll on your forehead, eh?

Meg Ryan: Why? She looks kind of like the Joker's wife. That, or a chipmunk. Either way -- you were oh-so-lovable in You've Got Mail. Bring back my Kathleen Kelly!

Nicole Kidman: She's denied using Botox, but the photos look otherwise. To her defense, she's been kept from her kids, busy buying the newest NYC real estate, and even took some time to make a stand against violence. I'm gonna let this one slide.

What do you think about Botox? Do you or would you get it?

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