Jessica Simpson Fashion for Real Bodies. Finally.

Jessica Simpson tried her hand at singing, acting, reality TV, and more, but it seems the place she is having the greatest success is in fashion.

The Jessica Simpson Collection is the most successful celebrity fashion line in history. She is on the cover of the December 6 issue of Women's Wear Daily with the headline, "Jessica Simpson: Fashion's Billion Dollar Baby." Her line will most likely become the first ever to earn more than a billion dollars in retail sales and brought in about $750 million in retail sales this year alone, WWD reports. She will pocket about $100 million of that.

So after a string of disappointing relationships and career moves, this must feel good. But it isn't all that surprising. Even back in her newlywed days, Simpson had an eye for fashion and a body real women could relate to.



She is not tall, so she almost always wears sky-high stilettos and wedges. Her shoe line is relatively affordable (and they all look good, too!). The average woman is around 5'4" and Simpson is 5'3". These shoes lend major height and style and only cost $139.

She isn't a willowy supermodel, either. On top of being short, she also has a sizable chest and weight fluctuations that many of us "real women" struggle with as well. Her clothing is casual, feminine, sexy, and affordable. Why wouldn't it sell well?

Simpson has an eye for pieces that seem comfortable but also stay feminine and practical, and her designs keep the curvy girl in mind. No complaints out of me! This shirt above is $59 and adorable. I would wear her stuff every day.

People love to mock Simpson, but for her fashion? Not me. No way. I like her stuff and I'm not embarrassed to admit it.

And clearly I'm not alone.

Do you wear her stuff?


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