Jessica Simpson Is Worth HOW Much?!

Jessica SimpsonLately, Jessica Simpson seems sort of like a ...


Her recording career is in shambles. Her acting career is non-existent. Her fashion sense?

Well, a tacky skull t-shirt combined with a bolero jacket and leggings that are definitely not pants do not a style icon make.

So with all that said, you'd think Jess would be struggling to figure out exactly what to do next.

But you'd be wrong.

You know that little clothing and shoe line she's got going on, the one you see in all the department stores?

It's doing well. Real well.

In fact, you won't BELIEVE how much Ms. Simpson is making off of it ...


According to The Cut, her "fashion empire" is about to break one. Billion. Dollars.

Yes. I said Billion.

Her clothing, shoes, and accessories are expected to total $750 million this year, and she has jeanswear and sportswear collections that are forecasted to get between $150 and $200 million in sales next month.

As for Jessica herself? She's said to be worth ...

One hundred. Million. Dollars.

No wonder she's so happy!

I definitely chuckled when I began seeing her label in department stores, but it looks like Jessica's getting the last laugh -- because I own two pairs of her shoes. And whenever I wear those shoes, I get multiple compliments on them. And whenever I'm pressed by women for the designer and sheepishly admit they are Jessica Simpson shoes, the women always tell me they own a pair (or several) of Jessica Simpson shoes themselves.


DillardsI mean CHECK OUT THESE SHOES. Gorgeous, right? This particular pair is the Brook pump (Dillards, $89) and like most of her other shoes, it's totally hot, totally stylish, and fairly affordable.

Jessica SimpsonHer clothes on the other hand? Questionable. I wouldn't rule them out, but I've never found any clothing by her at the store that I really wanted.

The question I'm left with is how can a woman whose own sense of style is sketchy have such a great business sense when it comes to choosing clothing, shoes, and accessories for the average American woman? Do you think her success has do to her own talent, or do you think she simply has a great team of competent people who are doing all the thinking for her?

Looking at that skull shirt again, I'm going with the latter!


Images (top to bottom): Splash News, Dillard's, Dillard's

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