Queen Elizabeth's Granny Panties Cost $9,000

Queen Elizabeth IIHere's some gross-out news to make you want to gag on your morning Cheerios -- the ultimate granny panties are going to auction. Queen Elizabeth's to be exact.


But wait, it gets better ...

They're from when she accidentally left them on a plane in 1968. Which means some freakazoid has been holding on to this yellowing pair of knickers for over 40 years.


According to the royal panty myth, a Miami playboy named "Baron" Joseph de Bicske Dobronyi, aka Sepy, came into possession of them after they were left on a private plane when she visited Chile back in the '60s. Hmm ... I can't help but wonder why the Queen randomly misplaced her underwear on a plane. Oh my, is the hoity toity queen a member of the hanky panky Mile High Club?! That frisky old rascal! Who knew underneath those giant bird-embellished hats there might be a former sexpot?

Regardless if it was from a sexy rendezvous or just the effect of bad packing (though I like to think of it being the first -- that story is much more interesting), he creepily held on to them until his recent death this past June. Now that the estate has been handled, they're auctioning off the royal, er, memorabilia and hoping that it goes for a whopping $9,000.

Now that is one expensive pair of dingy granny panties. I'm not sure which is worse -- holding on to a pair of someone else's underwear for 40 years (and an old lady's at that), or paying $9,000 for them. And what exactly would you do with them after cashing out almost 10 grand? You can't just throw them in an underwear drawer -- oh no, Victoria's Secret is not worthy of being near Queen Elizabeth's not-so-secret knickers. Perhaps proudly display them in a frame next to your diploma from Oxford? Now that would get the conversation started at those dull dinner parties.  

Would you ever pay money for someone's underwear? Even if it was Johnny Depp? Maybe Robert Pattinson?


Image via Splash News

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