Lauren Hutton Reminds Us What a Real Face Looks Like

lauren huttonTotal lady crush Lauren Hutton, very newly age 67, shows off some lovely outfits and her wrinkles in the new style feature on J.Crew. And those wrinkles are so frickin' beautiful.

Wrinkles, oh how I have missed you! I am so afraid of what we will become without them.

Let's take a peek at some of the photos from Hutton's J.Crew feature. We really want you to remember what a real face, a real and beautiful face, looks like.


God, remember when aging actually meant something? It was highly respected because it meant that you'd been somewhere in your life, that you'd changed and grown, and quite possibly that the beauty on the inside had finally surpassed the beauty on the outside. It meant you had arrived and that you had finally earned the right to just be.

Oh, that sure sounds nice.

But what if we completely erase aging? First, in Hollywood, then out here in the real world? What will become of us?

When I saw Lauren Hutton's gorgeous face in the J.Crew feature, a smile crossed my lips -- a smile so big it probably grew me another wrinkle, and I really don't care. How gorgeous is that face, lines and all? How refreshing is it? I feel like I had almost forgotten what aging looked like.

I sort of want to show you every photo from the feature because it affected me so. It's so darn rare that we see a real face anymore.

Lauren Hutton J.Crew

Lauren Hutton J.Crew

Lauren Hutton J.Crew

Lauren Hutton J.Crew

Oh, Lauren Hutton, thank you. Thank you for bringing the wrinkle back. I don't know where we'd be without it.

What about you? Do you miss seeing wrinkles? Do you want to bring them back?


Images via J.Crew

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