Couture Silly Bandz Take the Playground to the Runway

If you've been dying to sport that same preschool couture look as the other 4-year-old girls at the playground, but you just can't see yourself cheaping out on accessories now that you're an adult, you're in luck!

Five-dollar Silly Bandz, look out! There is a new overpriced rubber band in town and it's made by Marc Jacobs.

Yes, the same man who brought us fabulous shoes and $1,000 handbags has entered the fashion world of the elementary set and the result is pretty exciting.

I mean, who wouldn't want to spend $15 on these?


Because nothing says I value myself like paying 15 times what something is worth. And you, my friends, are worth it.

But before you accuse me of being flip, let me assure you, the designer has done his best to set his cheap rubber bands apart from the ones you can buy at CVS. There is a little metal tag type thing that makes all the difference.

Everyone will know that your Silly Bandz are Marc Jacobs! You will be the most popular mom on the playground, possibly in the whole darn town.

"I totally thought Silly Bandz were a kid thing until I saw yours," your friend Suzanne will say, her own wrist sporting only the hair tie she pulled out of her hair a few minutes before as she pushes her son on the swing. And you will have that little twinge of superiority knowing that your bracelets are so very much cooler.

They come in five colors and, when not in use, they spell out Marc and the fifth one contracts into an apple shape.

Pure genius. Run, do not walk. Buy these before Suzanne does!

OK, seriously, would you buy these?


Image via Shopbop

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