Bleached Brows: Would You Do It?

Bottega VenetaIt's a bizarre trend that just won't die ...

Bleached eyebrows.

I started noticing these wacky brows on models several months ago and figured then that it was one of those avant-garde, high-fashion things that would be here today and gone tomorrow.

But if anything, IT'S CATCHING ON.

Bottega Veneta's resort runway was a bleached-browed-model-only affair, and I've also seen the look everywhere from Vogue to America's Next Top Model.

The look doesn't faze me on blond models like Lara Stone, but bleach the brows of a brunette and ...

I've got issues. What about you?




Vogue DeustchFor one thing, dark-haired models with bleached brows look a bit like Oompa-Loompas to me. All they need is an orange fake bake to complete the look.

For another, it's such a stylized look that it seems like it would be a huge pain to dye them darker again. And then what happens if, four days later, another client wants the bleached look? Do they attempt to bleach their newly dyed dark brows again?

And if you keep changing the hair color of your brows, do they, like the hair on our heads, just fall out? Do they get brittle and damaged? Do they get split ends?


Bottega VenetaThese are the kinds of burning questions that keep me up at night ...

So now I've gotta know: What do you think of the bleached brow? I will say one thing about it ...

It would make a GREAT Style Dare!


Images via Bottega Veneta and Vogue Deutsch

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