Victoria's Secret So-Called "Supermodel Essentials": Are You Buying This?

Victoria's SecretIn the wake of its ever-popular televised fashion show, Victoria's Secret hopes to capitalize on that success by promoting what it calls Supermodel Essentials.

However, one click on a listing of the "essential" items that every Victoria's Secret supermodel needs made me snort.

And gag a little.


Keep reading to see some of the things VS wants us to buy in order to feel like we're THIS CLOSE to being one of Victoria's Secret's Barbie-proportioned "angels."




Victoria's SecretOf course you want an official Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2010 rhinestone hoodie (Victori'as Secret, $58), right? Because if you wear one, PEOPLE WILL THINK YOU WERE IN THE SHOW! Obvs!


Victoria's SecretAnother VS "Supermodel Essential" is this fugly pair of long johns, which VS is calling a "Bling Long Jane" (Victoria's Secret, $44.50). I am so sure that Adriana Lima sleeps in one of these things every single night.


Victoria's SecretIt's my belief that every woman should own a pair of underwear with photos of Victoria's Secret models on them. In fact, nothing would make me feel more confident. Put this Lace Waist Hip-Hugger (Victoria's Secret, $12.50) on your wishlist now, because I'm betting it will sell out FAST.

Victoria's SecretAlternately, you could get yourself this Super Model T-Shirt (Victoria's Secret, $32). I thought I was pretty fashion-savvy, but I'll admit I had NO IDEA that this t-shirt was a supermodel essential. WHO KNEW?!


Victoria's SecretThen there's this Klassy "How Big is Your Jet?' t-shirt (Victoria's Secret, $32). If this t-shirt is what it takes to be a world-famous supermodel, I guess I'M IN.

How about you? Would you buy any of these "Supermodel Essentials?"


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