Grow a Unibrow for Feminism? No Thanks


woman with unibrowI'm all about girl power and supporting good causes, but I'm not about to sacrifice my looks for either one. 

In response to the guys' event, "Movember," when men were growing out their mustaches last month to raise awareness for prostate cancer, a feminist group cried That's not fair! and officially dubbed this month as "Decembrow," encouraging women to grow a unibrow to support their charity of choice. 

And, in doing so, they hope to challenge the social and cultural norms for women's facial hair. Raising awareness while challenging the standard of beauty ... awesome, right?

Hell to the nah.

Yeah ... I'm way too vain to do this, even if it is to save the world. I know, I am a tad superficial -- I've accepted it. But at least I'm not delusional to think it will make much of a difference.

I can come up with about 15,000 other ways to help the cause without having my looks suffer for it.

I know women who shave their head every year to support various cancer causes. I think it's amazing, but I'm not that brave. I'd never be able to pull off the bald look and then I'd just get depressed. Then I'd have to spend all my money on hair extensions and I wouldn't have any left over to, you know, donate to charity. See -- it's a vicious cycle!

But do all of these extreme appearance-rendering actions really do anything? I'm not going to pass a unibrowed chick on the street and go, Oh, you must be participating in Decembrow! Awesome! Here's $10! I'm going to think, Damn, girlfriend is long overdue for a wax job.

I had one male friend participate in the Movember activity, and not once did I hear him talk to anyone about the reason behind it. I'm pretty sure he was only using it as an excuse to skip shaving and then throw in the line about the cancer awareness when he was trying to clinch a girl (and, yes, even as his friend, I can totally see him pulling that sleazeball move).

The point of all this is to be a walking billboard for the cause. Maybe girls and women who are participating in Decembrow would put a lot more effort into the campaign than our male counterparts since a unibrow on a Western woman is a bit more, er, strange than a mustache on a man, unless you're Tom Selleck.

I'll write a check out for a charity any day, but I seriously doubt my lack of brow plucking is going to change whether they receive $5 or $50. The only thing my friends will give me for sporting a unibrow is a gift certificate to my nearest salon for a wax job.

Would you be willing to grow out a unibrow for a good cause?


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ocmom... ocmommy2two

I'm growing one right now, but only because the last time I got them waxed the lady jacked em up. I need a fresh start, and unfortunately, that means a little bit of a unibrow goin' on.

lovin... lovinangels

well, that makes sense. Just in time for holiday pics, right?

nonmember avatar marsh

Way to grow all you Mo Sistas and Mo Bros. Movember was a big success worldwide. Here in Canada I made a short, 2-minute original Movember rock music video called "Grow a Muzzy - PHOTO version"

Hope you like it. Marsh in the prairies

Mamis... MamisTorres

She just wants to look like Frida Kahlo.

clean... cleanaturalady

Mine don't grow into a unibrow, but if they did I don't think letting them grow in would do anything towards raising awareness for anything expect maybe the Awkward-ungroomed Society.

tazdvl tazdvl

No I wouldn't.

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