5 Gifts for the Girl Who Loves Bling

What woman could not use a little bling in her life?

OK, there are some who are not on the hunt for the sparkly, but the rest of us are on the perpetual hunt my 4-year-old daughter refers to as "the sparkle chase" (a game we play when I shop where she searches for "sparkly things" and points them out to me).

For us giryl-girls there is no better time than the holiday season. Sequins are never more appropriate than in December whether they are at a holiday or new year celebration and the jewelry? Yes, please! And then some....

If you have a bling lover in your life, here are few gift ideas that will keep her sparkling all year-long:


Sparkly mousepad: $10.95 at Zazzle

This is a great one for the lady who has it all at home, but spends 40 hours a week in an eggshell-colored cubicle with gray carpeting. Once she is mousing over this, she'll remember who she really is and add some charm to her work life, too.

Sequin Rose Wristlet: $98

Dear Friend, If you see this, please, please, please think of me. I am a huge fan of Betsey Johnson and this is simply adorable. Can't you imagine it holding all the little things you need at a party while also livening up your wrist? Sign me up!

Sparkle Coverse: $29.99 at J.C. Penney

These fabulous shoes are on sale. Buy them now while you still can! Hopefully you know your friend's size because nothing could be better for the girl who likes to pop. Imagine how these could liven up jeans and a t-shirt.

Cell phone cover: $47.96 at letscrystalit.com

These tend to run a little expensive, so this is a great price for a really perfect gift for the bling lover (or yourself). Very cute, very practical (kind of, anyway) and very, very sparkly!

Lucky cherry necklace: $7 on Etsy

This necklace is not overly blingy, but as simple as it is, it also adds a little sparkle and color to any outfit.

What are you getting for your sparkly friend?


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