'Black Swan' Look: What Normal Person Would Do This?

If you ever dreamed of looking like the lovely and healthy Natalie Portman, now is your chance.

And you don't even have to lose a million pounds off an already tiny frame! With just a little (OK, six tons) of makeup, you can also look like a prima ballerina about to make her debut. 

Sound good?

Here's how to get the look featured at left:


First, go to Milani Cosmetics. Get her bold lips with Milani’s HD Advanced Lipstick in Lovely Rouge (retail, $7.99). For dramatic eyes, use Milani’s Liquif’eye Metallic Eyeliner Pencils in both Black and Silver (retail, $5.49 each).

Next heavily line your eyes with deep smudges of the stuff, making sure to smear it off to the sides like little wings. Once that's done ...

... voila! You look like a hooker ballerina!

Now, go out in public and act normal. Do your grocery shopping in this! Sure, you look a little like a tired toddler after a day at the amusement park, but that's OK, it's chic.

Case in point:

After you grocery shop, go to the gym. Make sure to get good and sweaty. This look is TOTALLY APPROPRIATE for the treadmill. Totally.

But seriously, if you want to show up to coffee with this look or hang out on a playdate, I will be thrilled to see you.

We moms need to laugh, too!

Would you ever sport this look in public other than for Halloween?


Image via Milani Cosmetics

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