Padma Lakshmi Becomes Caucasian on 'TV Guide'

Padma Lakshmi may be one of the most attractive hosts on TV. She has beautiful olive skin, perfect hair, and a beautiful baby to boot. After watching her on last night's premiere of Top Chef All Stars, I can't help but wonder:

Who would ever want to change that?

Well apparently, TV Guide.

Accusations have been made that the magazine may have digitally lightened the TV star's skin on the cover of this week's issue.

Um, HELLO!? Why on earth would you want to change a thing about her perfect complexion? Isn't her skin tone a positive thing for the show's image, and that of TV guide?

Looks like Padma's not the only one who's had to lighten up:


Gabourey Sidibe: Elle Magazine

All sorts of controversy was stirred up when the Oscar-nominated Precious star graced certain covers of Elle's 25th Anniversary Issue. Besides accusations of skin lightening, many had concerns over how the photograph was cropped, only showing the actress's upper body and face.

Beyonce: L'Oreal Paris ad campaign

The pop superstar and mom-to-be has been working with L'Oreal since 2001. In a 2008 advertisement that ran in issues of Elle, Allure, and Essence, TMZ raised accusations that the company had lightened her skin tone. L'Oreal denied the claims, saying that "it is categorically untrue that L’Oreal Paris altered Ms. Knowles’ features or skin tone in the campaign for Feria hair color."

Freida Pinto: Vanity Fair

Looking at this magazine spread, I accidentally mistook this Slumdog Millionaire actress for Katy Perry. That would be a normal mistake, if perhaps they were the same ethnicity. Pinto looks fun and flirty in the magazine's 2009 March issue.  

Halle Berry: Harper's Bazaar

Differing opinions on this one -- although it did cause a bit of a media frenzy. Reports claimed that Berry not only looked a bit lighter on the cover of the 2009 April issue, but also a lot older. Hmmmm, was the magazine aiming toward their mature female audience?

Kim Kardashian: Complex

The kicker on this one was the 15 pounds or so that the magazine edited out for the spread. Kardashian appears toned, from her thighs to her complexion. Oh, and those baby hairs by her hairline? Nothing to fear when you have the Photoshop gods on your side!

Do you think there's a problem with altering celebrity skin tone?

Image via TV Guide

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