Valentino Gap Line Too Stylish for Us Uncouth Americans

Valentino Gap collection cropped jacketWhat up, Valentino? You think your fancy designs are too good, too stylish for us Americans? You think we're a bunch of shabby dressers not worthy of your new collection at Gap?

Well, why else would you only offer his new collection at European Gap stores? What are you trying to say?


The seven-piece Valentino collection was on site for the opening of Gap's first Italian store last week in Milan. Cause apparently Italians and all their Milan fashion-forward hoopla is good enough for the Big V. The collection also showed up in London and Paris. 

Seen any Valentino in American Gap stores? I didn't think so.

Cause we're not worthy.



Valentino Gap collection jacket

This ruffled military jacket is pretty great looking, Valentino. I think we Americans could handle it.

ruffled jacket Valentino Gap

I really love the look of this longer and belted ruffled military jacket. Of course, on an average-bodied American person like myself, I'm pretty sure it would add about 47 pounds.

ruffled trousers Gap Valentino

Yep, it's too bad we can't get the Valentino designs here in the states. Of course, I'm not that into ruffles on my Gap trousers anyway ... so there ...

What do you think of the Valentino collection for Gap? Are you worthy?

Images via Vogue UK

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