Jeggings Give Mom Jeans the Boot


Jeggings are taking Hollywood by storm and it's a trend you either love or hate.

What are jeggings? They are tight, very fitted leggings made out of jean material that have all the style of a legging with none of the drawbacks. In other words, they are opaque, go with anything (not just your black, long stuff), and keep you warmer. They are jeans after all.

Last night on Conan, even Conan O'Brien sang their praises.

I wanna say this on the air! I love it when the ladies wear jeggings! I’m obsessed with jeggings! I love jeggings!

But if that endorsement isn't strong enough for you, consider this:

Jeggings are blowing mom jeans out of the water.

Yes, ladies, it's true. We all want to be comfortable, but that yoga pants/sweatshirt look you have going on in the carpool lane is just not hot. We know it's comfortable, but so are jeggings.

And now you have no excuse!  I have two pairs, one is Joes Jeans and the other is Citzens of Humanity, and I'm not lying when I tell you I wear these at least four days a week. They are easy to throw on, but are stylish. Only one pair requires thong underwear, which is a huge advantage over leggings in my book. Plus they're stylish.

It's a look you can rock if you're on the curvier side, too, as long as you find the right pair and top it with a stylish blouse.

Another huge plus? They look fantastic with flats, which your boot cut Sevens don't (trust me, they don't). They look great cut into tall, flat boots, too.

Celebrity moms like Gwyneth Paltrow and Jessica Alba are rocking the look all the time and you should consider it, too. All the comfort with none of the frump.

Do you wear jeggings?


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Nope. And I am 24 and a size 4. No way. Sorry. Don't think they are stylish at all.

Stephanie Sulzbach

love them. am wearing a pair at work right now. own two pairs and wear them all the time. i think they are fantastic. comfy and cute, just what i am looking for.

kelli... kelli0585

I like them.

I've been wearing them since BEFORE they were called jeggings!  hahaha

nonmember avatar nonmember

Um no, they don't look right on someone who is curvier. Jeggings are like bikinis-they shouldn't sell them in sizes larger than 6. Sorry. And yes, I wear them. Love them!

Jessica Wurth Tiemann

It's funny, I just bought a pair of jeans I so happy about, because I can wear them with my cute tall boots.  It wasn't 'till I got home that I realised that they were jeggings, something I had made fun of in the past.  The pair I got honestly just seem like jeans with a little extra "stretch" in them, they aren't like tights on me.  Most jeggings I have seen at stores are waaaaay too much like leggings, I don't think I would buy a pair unless they were more like what I just bought.

bills... billsfan1104

I love them and I am a curvier person. I wear them with a long shirt or sweater and my tall boots. And yes I look pretty good in them.

nonmember avatar emilee

I'm not sure about jeggings on larger women, but I personally love/wear them. I found a pair on sale at H&M for $7 that looks exactly like authentic, slightly-distressed skinny jeans. As someone who it petite, wears a size 4, but still hourglass-shaped, they fit much better than petite-sized jeans or others that I have to have hemmed.

tazdvl tazdvl


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