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ShopstyleYou might have wondered how I find specific clothing and accessories for this blog.

The truth is, I have a very good tool -- one I probably should have shared with you all a lot sooner, because I use it for myself as often as I use it to write She's Still Got It.

It's a shopping search engine called and it has revolutionized my online shopping experience.

Today, I'm going to show you how to make ShopStyle work for you.


You don't have to sign up for a ShopStyle account, but I would advise it because a) it's free and b) it will save all of the items you've marked so that you can look at them later. ShopStyle's search engine includes most of your favorite retailers like Target, Gap, Macy's, J.Crew, Ann Taylor, and many, many more.

There are lots of bells and whistles on Shopstyle -- so many that it can be confusing, but here's all you, the shopper, really need to know.


Let's say you're looking for a faux fur leopard coat. Just type "leopard coat" in the search box at the top left corner of your screen and hit "Go."


Just like that, you've turned up 97 leopard coats from many of your favorite retailers. The trouble is, some of those coats cost more than $500 and your budget is under $150. No problem!


Just click on PRICE in the lower left hand corner of your screen. When the price box comes up, click on each price you're willing to pay for your coat -- in this case between $0 and $150. Click OK.


Like magic, your selection has narrowed, and it looks like Fred Flare has a great one for $78! You can click on the coat itself and visit the site ...


... or you can save it in your Stylebook by hovering over the coat with your pointer and clicking "Favorite" in the box that pops up.

Another option that I use for items I'm thinking of buying is to put it on your wishlist. Click on "Wishlist" when that box pops up, choose your size, and you'll have it stored there.


You can access your Favorites or your Wishlist later by clicking on MY STYLEBOOK in the upper right hand corner of your screen. Once there, your favorites are instantly pulled up. Click on the Wishlist tab in the center of your screen to see your wishlist.

One more feature of the site that I've come to love is the Sale Alert. Let's go back to that leopard coat.


Let's say you love it, but it's just too expensive. Hover over the picture of the coat and click on "Sale Alert" in the box. It's right next to "Favorites."


Ignore all the stuff on the left side of the box. Make sure the box for "This item" is checked and click OK. You'll receive an e-mail if and when the coat goes on sale! You do have to have a ShopStyle account to use this feature.

As an example, I was looking for black booties on ShopStyle a month or two ago and found a pair of Pour La Victoire booties I absolutely LOVED. The problem was that they were $315! Waaaaaay over my budget. I put a sale alert on them, though, just in case and a week later, marked them down for a day to $200. Endless, I remembered, takes credits and I had nearly a hundred unspent dollars in Amazon gift credit. I used that and ended up spending $100 for my $315 shoes. Still a LOT for me to spend on shoes, but they are my favorite shoes of all time ever and I die a little every time I look at them.

So! That's my ShopStyle tutorial. It's by far the best shopping search engine out there in my opinion; however, there's a brand new one on the scene that's a serious contender. I'll tell you about that one tomorrow.

Will you use ShopStyle?


Images via ShopStyle

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