Jessica Simpson Proves the Cape/Poncho Trend Probably Isn't the Best Idea

Jessica SimpsonJessica Simpson provided conclusive proof the other day that ponchos and capes don't look good on anyone shorter than 5'10" and heavier than 110 pounds.

Sorry, Jess.

I'll admit I developed some suspicions about the cape after seeing a woman wearing one at the grocery the other day.

As we passed one another in the aisles several times, I noticed that she would pause over and over again in order to fling the edge of her cape over one shoulder for that devastatingly trendy look.

The effect was ...

... ridiculous.

And that's when I realized some trends just weren't meant to be worn by the average woman.

Are you with me on this one?






I'll admit I was somewhat excited about the trend after seeing this photo of a pretty fleece cape (Spiegel, $49). I even wrote a post about capes and ponchos. The model rocks the look, don't you think?

And then I remembered she undoubtedly fits in the over-5'10", under-110-pounds category.


ChicosIf you are insistent on wearing this trend, try a cape-inspired sweater, like this Lizette Sweater (Chicos, $79.99). I actually really like this sweater -- its sleeves keep things from getting too shapeless.

Otherwise, based on what I'm seeing out there, my advice is to skip the cape/poncho trend altogether.

Agree or disagree?


Images (top to bottom): Splash News, Spiegel, Chico's

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