Mariah Carey Hawks Scary Shoes and Jewelry on Home Shopping Network

Mariah CareyMariah Carey is famous for her high, high heels and over-the-top bling.

Now the Home Shopping Network is hoping you'll buy some Mariah-designed merch for your own bad self.

HSN has debuted a Mariah Carey collection that includes glitzy jewelry, stiletto shoes, and Mariah's own fragrances.

And frankly, some of what's on sale scares the hell out of me ...





Let's start with this Ring Pop Necklace (HSN, $59.95). I don't want to be rude, but anyone who would buy this has, shall we say, issues.


HSNThen there's the Mariah Carey Leather Pump Sneaker (HSN, $99.90). Is this supposed to be some sort of sick joke?


HSNOf course, you could always opt for the Mariah Carey Stripper Heel, I mean, Platform Sandal with Jeweled Stones (HSN, $149.90). And at these bargain prices, how could you go wrong?

There's more to offer in the Mariah Carey collection, but not much. It's disappointingly sparse. And in my mind, there's only one excuse for Mariah putting her name on these supremely cheesy designs ...

Pregnancy brain.

What do you think of this Mariah merch? Are you buying it?

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