Lady Gaga Has an Underwear Fetish: Secret to Success?

lady gagaLady Gaga may dance around in her undies in concert (or at baseball games, or just walking down the street), but dammit, those undies are going to be 100% silk.

The singer has discovered the luxurious feeling of silk panties and has become totally obsessed, saying that it helps with her creativity. She has ordered her assistant to throw out all of her old bras and panties (ew?) and has reportedly spent over $10K on silk replacements. Psst ... dude, don't throw them out! Imagine all the moolah you could make off eBay by selling those! Then you would be able to afford silk panties.


According to a source for Now magazine:

She's so in love with the way it feels on her body, she's demanded every item of lingerie be made of 100 per cent pure silk. Polyester, cotton, and Lycra are all banned. The finest silk, made to order, is all she'll wear now. She really believes this will help her creativity because if she feels comfortable and her skin is able to breathe properly she'll be able to concentrate on her music.

So she's tossing the polyester, cotton, and Lycra for the sake of creativity. And, I can only assume, any metal, meat, and fire-creating ones as well.

No offense to Gaga, but isn't silk really crappy when it comes to breathability? I'm sure it feels lovely when you put it on (I sure as hell wouldn't know -- the only time I bask in silk is in my dreams), but after dancing for three hours in concert, that underwear is going to be completely soaked. Ewwww. Now I have a gross image.

But, minus the ventilation issues, creativity does come easier when one is at their most comfortable. So hey, as long as she's happy, and her vagina's happy, she apparently can create great music, and really that's all I care about.

Think she's being a little ridiculous by revamping her entire lingerie wardrobe?


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