Sexy and Slimming? Somebody Pinch Me!

I still don't get the whole point of Spanx, to be honest. As far as I'm concerned, any extra layer only adds girth and may even cause the most dreaded of all fashion faux pas -- the visible pantyline.

But regardless of my personal feelings about Spanx, many, many women live and die by the constrictive underwear claiming that it does everything from slimming them down to giving them a pedicure (just kidding on the last one).

The problem with Spanx has always been that they are generally pretty dull looking and, in general, not very pretty at all.

Sassy Bax offers an alternative to that with their "Shapewear Made Pretty" collection. Their hi rise body shaper allows you to wear any bra with it and also looks pretty sexy.


The sample they sent me to test proved that, although it didn't make me feel any thinner or more svelte, it did look sexy, according to my husband. The little lace peeking out would look kind of adorable under a mini skirt.

If you're someone who thinks Spanx rock, then I'm sure this is an even better option.

The hi rise boy shaper is $82.

Other options include the thong bodysuit (above) at the same price, which can also be worn with your regular-sized bra and is designed to slim the tummy, waist, and midriff and smooth out the bra bulge.

This slip is $118 and goes by bra size up to 38D.

If you are looking for shapewear that also makes you feel sexy, it's worth a try, especially for a big event where you want to look your best both outside and in.

Do you like shapewear?


Image via Sassybax

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