Still Hot: Fishnets

Bottega VenetaOne item every woman should always have in her closet is a good pair of fishnets.

Once possessed only by harlots and hussies, over the last few decades, fishnets have been co-opted into the world of high fashion, to the point that they almost never really go out of style.

Check out high-end retailer Bottega Veneta's fall ad campaign, for example, in which expensively clad models liven things up with pretty pairs of fishnet hose. And they're not the only ones seen in fishnets lately. See more photos -- and find out how to wear fishnets yourself -- after the jump.


GuessModels in the latest Guess ad campaign also are looking fine in fishnets for the fall. With textured and patterned tights featured so prominently this season, it was a given, I guess, that fishnets would be part of the mix.

So how do you make this look work for you?

For one thing, make sure the fishnets you buy aren't large gauge fishnets -- in other words, the smaller the diamond pattern, the better. Large gauge fishnets are still the domain of strippers.

For another, I'd advise you to spend up on fishnets, not down. Cheap fishnets look ... cheap. I've had a pair of Donna Karan fishnets for several years now that cost more than my average pair of patterned tights, and they still look great!

Fishnets are a great option to make your most basic outfits look snazzier. They'll get your husband's attention when worn with a little black dress on a date night. They also look great worn with a sedate above-the-knee skirt and boots, as opposed to opaque tights. Steer clear of wearing fishnets with patterned dresses or skirts -- that's a little much. Think of them as a nice surprise to keep an otherwise good-girl outfit from looking too frumpy.

Ann TaylorThese Fishnet Tights (Ann Taylor, $20) are a great option.


Ann TaylorEven better are these Spanx Black Fishnets (Ann Taylor, $28). I'm willing to pay eight dollars more for a little added control, aren't you?

What do you think of fishnet tights? DO YOU DARE?


Images (top to bottom): Bottega Veneta, Guess, Ann Taylor, Ann Taylor

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