Man Trampled in Black Friday Stampede [VIDEO]

Target StampedeIf this doesn't put you off early morning Black Friday shopping, nothing will.

A man got trampled at a Buffalo, New York Target early Friday morning as shoppers climbed over him in their haste to be the first inside.

Click through to see video of the stampede.

It's truly sickening seeing the lack of concern shoppers showed for the poor guy.



Check out this disturbing video of the man getting trampled by overeager shoppers...


Obviously, the situation was handled quickly and could have been far worse, but it was disturbing to me to see grown men and women pushing and shoving each other, just to get through the door of a Target.

People, please.

Once the trampled shopper was pulled to safety, it looked like no one even stayed with him to make sure he was okay-- Clearly he was not.

"At that moment I was thinking, I don't want to die here on the ground," he told local reporters. A few minutes after the video was shot, he was taken to the hospital and given painkillers and x-rays.

Do you think he'll ever brave the Black Friday crowds again?

This makes me happier than ever that I stayed home on Black Friday and trolled the online deals. I'm hoping retailers continue to reward online shoppers with website sales and specials, and I can't wait for Cyber Monday tomorrow. I'll be checking in throughout the day tomorrow with all the best Cyber Monday sales I can find.

In the meantime, what do you think of this video?


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