Tell Me Your Best Black Friday Stories!

Black FridayReports are already coming in of Black Friday brawls across the country.

A California shopping mall was locked down after a fight broke out between six men in the food court.

In Wisconsin, a 21-year-old woman was arrested for threatening shoppers waiting in line at Toys R Us. According to reports, she tried to break in line for the store's 10pm opening last night and when customers called her on it, she told them she was going to get a gun and shoot them!

And in Illinois, a woman was arrested because she tried to cut the Black Friday line at Walmart and then refused to leave the store without her mother.


I want to hear your Black Friday stories, ladies. What lengths did you go to in order to get a deal? And what was the best deal you got today?

I'll tell you mine... after the jump.


I have to admit, I stayed home this Black Friday and shopped for my deals online, hitting Ann Taylor and LOFT's 40% off sales and CUSP's extra 20% off sale merchandise.

But a couple of years ago, I convinced my mom to get up at 3am on Black Friday and head out with me in search of DEALZ. For us, it was... disappointing, probably because we didn't really have a gameplan. Here's part of a column I wrote about it:

“Let’s go to Target,” I said.

Once there, we stood in a line that stretched to the end of the building. When the doors opened at 6am, I let the hordes sweep me along to the electronics department, where I found The Goonies on DVD. “Only $3.48!” I crowed smugly, holding it aloft like a trophy while the shoppers around me shouted for various digital cameras at a woman behind the counter. Eventually, I found my mom, who was busy guarding a flat-screen TV/DVD player in her cart. “I got it!” she said exultantly. “ This is what everyone was going for, Lindsay! Only $199, when it’s regularly $330!” Of course, neither of us wanted it, but I could tell my mom was excited to have scored one of the last ones available. Eventually, we discarded it in Housewares in favor of a ten-dollar sewing machine. “I can’t believe it!” I said, placing it carefully in my cart. “I really need this sewing machine!”

“It won’t work,” my mom said dismissively. “It’s so cheap, it’s not going to work at all.”

“Yes it will,” I said, irritated. “If it didn’t work, they couldn’t sell it, Mom!”

“Well. If you want to spend your money on something like that…” Mom said, trailing off and ending with a pitying look that I knew all too well. Suddenly, I felt like I was 14 again. Geez, I hated it when she did that. But her attention had already wandered to the display beside the sewing machines. “Now this is something else altogether,” she said. “An electric dustbroom for ten dollars! I could use one of these!” She held it out appraisingly. “What do you think?”

“Well,” I sniffed derisively. “I mean, if you want to spend your money on… a piece of crap….” I said. She looked at me, momentarily surprised, and we both started laughing.

Still, I'm exhausted from all the online Black Friday shopping I did today... Now?

Bring on Cyber Monday!!

Tell me your Black Friday stories, girls!


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