Guess Who Forgot That Leggings Aren't Pants?

Paris HiltonThis Hollywood starlet forgot one of fashion's most oft-broken rules while out shopping this week in Beverly Hills.

Leggings. Aren't Pants.

As a result, she showed a little more skin than perhaps she'd intended.

Then again, maybe this display was calculated to keep her from getting "behind" on her tabloid photo count.

Want to learn the identity of this classless blond in the Louboutins?

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It was Paris Hilton!


She was out shopping with Brooke Mueller (Charlie Sheen's ex) of all people, and dressed in one of the tackiest outfits in recent memory -- sheer leggings and a ratty-looking t-shirt.

And when she made the move that bared her bum, she was reaching down to pick up a stuffed bunny she had dropped on the ground.

Ladies, we can learn from Paris's egregious faux pas -- remember that the black leggings (or top) that look opaque might very well prove to be uncomfortably see-through once you're outside or under a spotlight.

Undergarments are always a good idea.

Particularly if you're going to insist on wearing your leggings as pants.

What do you think of Paris's latest "revealing" gesture?


Image via Splash News

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