Help Desk: What to Wear to a Party That's 'Holiday Casual'

Santa Sweaters
Ummm. This would be a no.
The Stir reader Katy has been invited to a Christmas party! She writes:

The official dress is "Holiday Casual" and I have no idea what to wear. And what, exactly, does holiday casual mean? (It brings to my mind things like Rudolph sweaters or bells on my tennis shoes.)

I've put together a few ideas to help Katy out .... Keep reading to see them, then tell me in the comments what you'd wear!


To me, "Holiday Casual" means your favorite cute red top or casual red dress. Or it could mean throwing in a silver, gold, or black sequined piece in with otherwise casual party attire. And you will probably see some Santa sweaters there, too.

My personal choice would be a simple red dress, tights (or black leggings), and boots. Check out these inexpensive options below:


The Limited, Calvin Klein, Charlotte Russe

This look includes a drape-neck belted sweater dress (Express, $52.42), slouchy faux suede boots (Charlotte Russe, $42.50), opaque black tights (Calvin Klein, $12 on sale for two pairs), and shimmer studs (The Limited, $22.90).


Gap, Wet Seal, Gap, Charlotte Russe, Lauren Ralph Lauren

If you're a pants girl, you might opt for this festive casual look. Here we have a shimmery metallic Lauren by Ralph Lauren sweater (Macy's, $69.50), True Straight Pants (Gap, $49.50), a standout Bobble Bead Necklace (Charlotte Russe, $10.50), and two shoe options, depending on what you prefer: Glitter Ballet Flats (Gap, $49.50) or the slightly fancier Bowside Velvet Bootie (Wet Seal, $26.50).

Got any ideas for Katy? Share them in the comments!


Images via TheUglySweaterShop/Flickr and ShopStyle

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