How to Dress Like Jackie O in Good Times and Bad

kennedy assasination jackie oOn the anniversary of President John F. Kennedy's assassination, we're reminded of the stoic, yet elegant, look of Jackie Kennedy (later Onassis). Even as you're taken by the heartbreaking images of a very young widow and her small children, you can't help but think: Damn, that lady knew how to put on a dress.

Another fashion icon, Katie Holmes will be taking on the role of Jackie O in The History Channel's miniseries airing next year. She's been gushing about the dresses being replicas of what Jackie actually wore, and we can't wait to see them on the small screen.

In the meantime, here's how you too can dress like the lady who never had bad fashion day, even on her worst day in history.


Your Frock:

jackie o dressThis vintage-inspired icicle dance dress has the signature adorned scoop neck that Jackie liked to rock. For only $57.99, you can feel like the frugal member of the Bouvier family. If you're feeling peppy and want to steer clear of the all black ensemble, try this tweed number of festivities and fun.

The Shoes:

jackie o shoesFor some splash with your serious, this peep toe pump with sequins ($140) is the perfect fit. 

The Headgear:

jackie o veilOf course you can't go out without the proper covering atop your head. Since you're not really in mourning, but want to give a tip of your heat to the veil style, this modern fascinator ($23.99) will strike the perfect balance.

The Outerwear:

jackie o coatFor your swinging holiday parties, get a coat ($55) in kind. Wool with a mink collar (it's vintage, not new), this is as close as you'll get to the wrap of the lady herself without mugging Katie Holmes' wardrobe lady on the set.


Images (top to bottom): ModCloth, Banana Republic, ModCloth, Dena's Vintage Closet

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