If You Could Only Wear One Brand for the Rest of Your Life, What Would It Be?

Ralph LaurenI guess it could happen ...

A wealthy billionaire could agree to leave you his fortune -- if and only if you agreed to wear just one designer's clothing for the rest of your life.

I know whom I'd choose -- it's a designer who makes all kinds of clothing for all kinds of occasions, from business lunches (see the photo to your left) to soccer games to White House state dinners.

This designer's clothes are always classic yet on trend, and they last year after year after year.

See my pick and tell me your own after the jump!




First, a few clues ...

Ralph LaurenHis luxe looks are killer, from gorgeous sweater coats to decadent velvet skinny pants ...


Ralph LaurenBut he has plenty of everyday wear that's both stylish and reasonably affordable.


Ralph LaurenHe even makes statement pieces that aren't too over-the-top to be wearable.


Ralph LaurenHis evening looks would even work on the Oscars' red carpet ...


Ralph LaurenYet you can often find his designs on sale at Macy's (this one is $130 there) or, even better, TJ Maxx!

I'm talking about Ralph Lauren, of course! Whether you're looking for a $5,000 coat or a $49.99 dress, if it has the Ralph Lauren label in it, you know you're good.

When I need to look good for an upcoming event, I find myself looking for the Ralph Lauren rack first at the local department store -- the fit and cut of Ralph Lauren dresses are always classy and flattering and it gives me an easy way to get dressed and know I look good.


Ralph LaurenFor example, here's my summer LBD, courtesy of Ralph Lauren ...

If I could afford his higher-priced lines, you know I'd be all over them, too!

That's my pick -- who's yours and why?


Images via Ralph Lauren, Macy's, and Lindsay Ferrier

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