7 More Stylish Gift Ideas for the Holidays

GrandinroadThere's no need to despair in your search for holiday gifts.

I've done a little searching and come up with some fabulously stylish and thoughtful gift ideas, all at prices that you can afford.

Check out this lovely set of note pads from Grandin Road, for example, each printed with your giftee's name in a different type style.

Swellegant, right? The notepads are just $29 for the set and the acrylic holder is $15.

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Ralph Lauren CandlesI received this set of candles at a Ralph Lauren event over the summer, but I didn't break them out until last week, when my parents were coming for a visit and my 3-year-old potty trainer chose to rid himself of two days worth of um, well, you know.

I put one of these candles in the bathroom, one in the foyer, and one in the kitchen, and OH MY WORD. Ralph Lauren says these candles are "a fragrant blend of French Tuberose, white jasmine, and gardenia." I say they're what RICH smells like. I felt suddenly like I was living in Daddy Warbucks' mansion, with maids in white aprons running everywhere. So basically, you can give the gift of RICH to someone for $65. (And FYI, a few days ago, they were on sale for $45.90, so keep checking back because I bet they'll go on sale again!)


Cambria CoveA perfect gift for party hosts or anyone who loves serving drinks, this Ultimate Bar Book (Cambria Cove, $19.95) not only contains all the information anyone needs to know about tending the bar, but it's also one very handsome volume.


SundanceFrom the Sundance catalog: "The ingenious Raj Teapot saw service on the 1902 Bombay to London P & O line voyages and has been more or less in production ever since. The Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation Company knew the value of a stackable service, tea hot, milk warm, sugar at the ready." Also? It's only $35. Nuff said.


Puzzle Wine RackNeed something stylish and sophisticated for a very modern friend or family member? Check out this artsy Puzzle Wine Rack (Exit Art, $59 on sale). It comes in several different colors and styles and looks great alone or interlocked with other "puzzle pieces."


Sundance JewelryThis Modern Times Watch (Sundance, $88) is totally hip, totally sharp, and not a bad price at all. This might just go on my own wish list ...


Cambria CoveCheck out these gorgeous Rose Applique Pouches by Stephanie Johnson, available at Cambria Cove. Choose from the Greta Medium Pouch (Cambria Cove, $38) or the Ava Small Pouch (Cambria Cove, $32). Both qualify as the kind of thing we'd all love to own, but would never buy for ourselves!

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Images (top to bottom): Grandin Road, Ralph Lauren, Cambria Cove, Sundance, Exit Art, Sundance, Cambria Cove

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