A Real Burlesque Experience

BurlesqueEveryone's buzzing now about Burlesque, the movie starring Ultimate Divas Cher and Christina Aguilera and set to open on Thanksgiving Day.

The synopsis reads a lot like a slightly updated version of Showgirls, and I'm not sure I want to see it--

However, you might already have noticed that burlesque is making a comeback in real life.

Here in Nashville, we have two burlesque troupes and a few weeks ago, I finally went to see one.

Want to know what I thought?

The answer might surprise you...






Music City BurlesqueHubs and I went to see this show for a Halloween date night and I'll admit, in the beginning i had misgivings. I knew that burlesque is meant to have a kitshy appeal and that the dancers wouldn't be stripping down entirely, but I worried it would still have a little bit of strip club sleaze. I went to a strip club once in my twenties and it was one of the saddest, emptiest displays of tastelessness I've ever seen.

However, I was pleasantly surprised. Not only was live musical guest KS Rhoads fantastic, but the dancers were great as well. They were confident, sexy, and best of all...

Their bodies weren't perfect. Or plastic.

And they didn't care.

In fact, they flaunted their small breasts and flabby bellies, if that's what they had. They were proud of their bodies, and what they could do with them. Some of them stripped down to pasties and some didn't strip at all, but all of them entertained. And for me, as a woman, it was strangely empowering.

I would maintain that their brand of confidence is way sexier than a pretty girl with lots of plastic surgery, or even a naturally beautiful woman with no attitude or self-esteem.

I think the howling, raucous audience would agree with me-- and by the way, a good half of the audience was female, and appeared to be enjoying the show for the same reasons I was.

I would totally go back to a burlesque performance... But what about you? Would you check one out in your town? And do you think the movie Burlesque will give viewers the same real-life impression I got of burlesque dancing? Or do you think it'll be another sexed-up diva vehicle that we can only hope is so bad it's good?


Images via Burlesque and Music City Burlesque

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