Statement Glasses

Statement GlassesMy name is Lindsay Ferrier and these are my eyeglasses.

I hadn't even thought of writing about my glasses as a style post until I was checking out the Curvy Girl Guide today and read Ali Martell's post about her "confidence glasses."

I have a pair of confidence glasses, too! I thought to myself.

Actually, I have two pairs. Like Ali's, they are vintage and they have my real prescription in them, and like Ali, I LOVE my glasses.

Vintage frames really can be awesome, and they'll definitely get you a lot of attention.

But if you're looking for a pair of your own, there's one very important aspect you must consider ...


Let me start by saying that my dad's an eye doctor, so I knew a thing or two about what to look for in my vintage frames before I bought them.

When you find a pair you like, make absolutely sure that they are durable. The plastic in vintage frames tends to become brittle over time -- and since your prescription lenses will have to be popped into the frames, if they're not strong, you're going to end up with a broken pair of glasses.

I was lucky -- I found both my pairs of frames in Milwaukee at a vintage store about ten years ago, and I don't think either pair was over $35. I got to try them on and test their durability before I bought them, something you obviously can't do when ordering a pair of vintage frames online. Here's my other pair.

Vintage FramesUnfortunately for my vintage frames, my dad checked my eyes a few weeks ago and said that my vision is actually reversing itself as I get older -- so my left eye, which was far-sighted, is back to normal.

Yes. My vision is once again 20/20.

"You don't even need your glasses anymore," he said.

I wept.

I think I'll keep wearing them anyway from time to time, when I want to be taken extra-seriously.

Do you have a pair of "confidence glasses"? What do they look like? Where did you find them?

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