The New Curvy Girl Guide Keeps It Real

Curvy Girl GuideIf you read this blog, I'm assuming that you, like me, enjoy reading fashion and beauty-related stories.

I'm also guessing that you, like me, sometimes get a little tired of seeing so many how-to posts on popular fashion sites written by women who have a bigger budget and better body than we, their readers, ever will.

And as a writer, I fully recognize the fact that you all respond more to posts about my unpierced ears and my botched Brazilian wax than anything else -- we all love reading posts that keep it real.

That's why I'm loving the new Curvy Girl Guide so dang much.


Launched just this week by widely read bloggers Heather Spohr and Brittany Gibbons, The Curvy Girl Guide isn't just for plus-size women -- it's for curvy girls of all shapes and sizes who are ready to get real about their body image issues, from cellulite to post-childbirth belly buttons.

Check out these excerpts from a few Curvy Girl posts already up on the site's Style section:

When I buy a sports bra, which is essentially just a spandex version of a razorback wireless bra, they either squish my boobs so flat that they ooze out of the armpit holes, or it’s so loose, my boobs gush the the center, forming on giant butt crack.
-from Big Fat Rant

Unless you are in the top .01% of the ladies in the U.S. and Canada, YOUR SHORTS SHOULD BE LONGER THAN THEY ARE WIDE. If this ratio is on the negative side, DON’T SQUEEZE YOUR FAT BUTT INTO THE SHORTS.
-from Big Girls and Short Shorts

The skinny ones. The boyfriend ones. The low rise ones.

How do real people, people who are not a 14 year old Jonas brother, wear these pants, and, like….do stuff?

Like, sit down, or bend over, or eat KFC indian style on the kitchen floor because you had a bad day and your husband hung up on you when you called him repeatedly to see if it was ok to use his electric shaver on your bikini line, which was actually a moot point, because you already did it before asking, and now you are paranoid because he said no, and you are totally convinced it smells like vagina, so you keep spraying it with Country Apple Body Splash from Bath and Body Works and OMG IT”S NOT WORKING NOW IT SMELLS LIKE APPLEY VAGINAS!
-from Denim. A Completely Unnatural Fiber.

Are you LOLing and ROFLing yet?


And I'm totally bookmarking it for the next time I OD on posts on Paris Fashion Week or haute couture wedding dresses.

You should, too.


Images from The Curvy Girl Guide


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