Thanksgiving Outfits That Expand With Your Belly

full stomachs after thanksgiving
Post-Thanksgiving tummies
I learned my lesson a long time ago: jeans are just out of the question on Thanksgiving. By the end of the day, you're left with a button mark engraved into your skin thanks to an expanding stomach that's now rolling over the sides of your pants. Hot.

I'm also not a fan of wearing belts while I stuff my face with turkey and sweet potatoes. Sure the term "gotta loosen my belt" is usually quoted by Uncle Bob each year as he leans back and unbuckles his belt, unleashing his big belly for all to see. But having to do so myself is just a reminder of exactly how much I gorged myself that day. And ignorance really is bliss.

So what to wear? Believe it or not, you have some cute (and comfy) choices that expand beyond yoga pants.


Elastic! Drawstrings! Sure these elements don't usually scream sexiness when it comes to clothing options, but believe it or not, they are incorporated into more things than just sweatpants and are a godsend on turkey day when they stretch along with your tummy.

pants to wear on thanksgiving

  • Satin tie waist crop pant ($64) from Metropark: Hey, if Carrie Bradshaw can pull off Harem pants, so can you. And these aren't even all that bad -- I find them to be pretty stylish actually. They're supposed to be worn loose (yay!), and even though it has a button closure, the satin tie enables you to skip the buttons but still hold them up if need be.
  • Drawstring plaid shorts ($18) from YesStyle: Drawstring is the magical word here. Pair these with tights for a super cute and comfy look. 
  • Elasticized-waist cuff shorts ($20) from YesStyle: I absolutely love these. Proof that elasticized shorts can be hot. 
  • Elasticized-waist skinny jeans ($32) from YesStyle: If you absolutely insist on wearing jeans, for the love of turkey, get some with an elastic waist. These skinny jeans are stylish, just make sure to wear a long top to cover up the "mom jeans" waist. 

Another option is the go-to sweater dress outfit paired with tights, which I'm sure many of you already own. The only disadvantage that I find about wearing a sweater dress is that, due to all of the pots and pans simmering on the stove, it gets pretty darn hot in the house.

sweater dresses

  • Shetland wool crewneck dress ($75) from Rugby: With or without a belt, this dress would be cute (though, I'd prefer without -- ignorance, remember?). 
  • V-neck short-sleeved sweater dress ($50) from YesStyle: Super loose and flowy, this sweater dress would be comfortable in the hot kitchen and hide your food baby at the end of the meal.
  • Argyle v-neck sweater dress ($34.50) from Old Navy: This dress is super cute with its preppy Cape-Codish argyle design. Hey, the Pilgrims did land in Massachusetts.
  • Woolen opaque tights ($24.30) from Pret-a-Beaute: Gotta have the tights. 
  • Cowl neck sweater dress ($29.80) from Forever 21: I'd add some chunky jewelry to this dress to spice it up a bit, but it looks both chic and comfortable. 

What do you usually wear on Thanksgiving? Have an outfit planned yet for this year?


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