Get Kate Middleton Perfect Hair, Natural Makeup

Kate MiddletonEven before she had the royal ring on her left hand, Kate Middleton showed chic enough style to mingle with the best of them, but her fashion choices are now in the spotlight.

Her makeup is neutral and her hair unpretentious, highlighting her natural beauty. And in a world where outrageous fashion has been making headlines, her style is a refreshing welcome.


Makeup: Foundation is key in order to appear naturally flawless like Kate. Make sure it matches exactly with your skin (tip: test it out on your jawline, rather than your hand). Unless you're super oily, skip the powder -- you'll come off looking layered. Instead use powdered papers as needed. Sweep a bit of light-colored blush at the top of your cheeks to give a healthy glow. Kate blends just over the apples of her cheeks, which gives her face a more defining structure. As with the blush, use light-colored eye shadow, if any at all. No need for mascara, and softly line the eyes with brown or gray liner. Add a bit of balm to your lips to finish off the look.

Hair: No matter the occasion, Kate wears her hair long and loose -- and why shouldn't she? It's gorgeous! It's hard to copy her style unless you've been blessed with gorgeous tresses such as she. First off, her long hair is layered, which allows for natural waves. Add hair serum to give shine to damp locks (my favorite is Moroccan Oil), then blow-dry using a round brush, curling at the ends. Finish with a light spritz of hairspray to hold.

Voila! You're as pretty as a princess!

Are you a fan of Kate's look?

Image via Chris Jackson/Getty

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