Christina Hendricks for London Fog. Yes, London Fog.

London FogYou might notice a surprising face on the latest London Fog magazine ads -- bodacious Mad Men starlet Christina Hendricks.

Yes, after being featured in the storyline of the latest season of Mad Men, conservative coat-maker London Fog was smart enough to ride the fame train as far as it could take it -- even going so far as to hire Hendricks to star in its newest ad campaign.

It was a wise move. If these ads prove anything, it's that it's not the clothes -- it's how you wear them.

Wanna see how America's favorite redhead manages to sex up some otherwise ordinary outfits?

Click through to see behind-the-scenes photos from Christina's London Fog photo shoot.




Christina HendricksThis shot reminds me of the old "meet your husband with a coat on -- and nothing else" trick. Sex-ay.


Christina HendricksEven a men's shirt and coat can be sultrified (yes, I invented that word -- shut up) with some cleavage and a well-drawn cat's eye!


Christina HendricksA classic Joan Holloway pose ...


Christina HendricksCapris and a peacoat. SO not sexy. Until Christina Hendricks puts them on!


Christina HendricksI love this shot. Worn with a LBD, a statement necklace, a messy updo, and some attitude, a boring trenchcoat is transformed into pure Holly Golightly-esque style.


Christina HendricksOkay, Christina. You made me pay attention to London Fog, of all things. Well done.

What do you think of Christina Hendricks' photos? Good move for London Fog?


Images via London Fog

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