Do Your Holiday Baking in Style With a Lovely Little Apron

Jessie SteeleChances are, you'll be doing your share of cooking and baking over the next six weeks ...

And there's one easy way to make it way more fun, fashionable, and festive --

Invest in a cute apron!

I know I've told you about Jessie Steele more than once, but I bought one of her aprons a few years ago and domestic duties have become far more enjoyable ever since.

I'm loving her new Mrs. Claus apron ($32.95), pictured at the left. I can TOTALLY see you baking cookies in that, girl! It would also make a cute hostess gift at the next holiday party you attend.

Want to see a few irresistibly cute and totally affordable apron styles? Keep reading!



Uncommon GoodsI am officially dying over this mother-daughter set of aprons (Uncommon Goods, $39, $32). WANT. Jessie Steele makes child-sized versions of some of her aprons too and my daughter and I always wear our matching aprons when we cook together.

EtsyI have a friend who collects vintage aprons off of Etsy and eBay and looking at this sheer ruffled apron (Etsy, $24) from the '50s, I can see why! SO CUTE. No, it's not great for cooking, but it would be fun for a dinner party or fancy date night in with the hubs ...


EtsyYou can also find adorable handmade aprons on Etsy like this fabulous Retro Christmas Shopper Apron (Etsy, $28.75), which OMGIREALLYWANT.

The Hip HostessFor a slightly sleeker retro look, check out this Pink Mocha Apron (The Hip Hostess, $39).


Haute Hostess ApronsFinally, for the Real Housewives among us, Haute Hostess Aprons is the way to go. Check out the Carolina Apron (Haute Hostess Aprons, $350), which will certainly add some bling to your next fling!

Craving an apron of your own yet???

Images (top to bottom): Jessie Steele, Uncommon Goods, Etsy, Etsy, The Hip Hostess, Haute Hostess Aprons

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