Kate Middleton: A Stylish-Enough Modern Princess?

Kate Middleton
Can Kate Middleton pull off the fancy hat thing?
So Prince William finally popped the question and asked longtime sweetheart Kate Middleton to marry him. Congratulations to them! I'm always up for a royal wedding.

However, I'm feeling for Kate a little in the style department. Sure, Kate's got her own hip, trendy, modern style going on. Get the Queen her fainting couch, Kate wears designer denim for goodness sake!

However, Kate's going royal, and she's up against the dearly departed fashion icon Princess Diana who did royal style with grace and elegance and the stuffy, ever-formal Queen Elizabeth who loves those dreadful hats. Those are two tough acts to follow.

Can Kate pull off a brand new modern princess style?


Here's Kate with Prince William at a charity polo match. She looks perfect in jeans, tall boots, and a cropped blazer. But not like the traditional princess, is she?

Kate Middleton Prince William

And here she is last month dressed more formally for a wedding (and practicing wearing that royal blue).

Kate Middleton Prince William

I'm not really feeling her royally styled look here or at the top. Kate doesn't seem to be able to rock the more formal style like Princess Diana could. Perhaps, in time, she will find her way though. Find a way to still look youthful and hip in a more formal way. Line up, designers. Kate needs your help!

I think it would be awesome if Kate could put a modern spin on royalty. Those Brits need a little oomph in their refinery. Don't you think?

Do you think Kate can infuse the royal red carpet with a little excitement? Hmmm?

Kate Middleton


Top image via Chris Jackson/Getty; all others via SplashNews

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