Mom Jeans Do Not Make a Style Icon

woman heels kids 1940sThe vintage photo to the right, that's my Grandma with my mom and aunt when they were tiny tots. How stylish is my Grandma in her hat, fresh floral dress, and some gorgeous blue high heels. Yep, she was wrangling youngsters and she was still incredibly fashionable. What up, Grandma?

Moms like my Grandma and many of the moms featured on the website My Mom, the Style Icon give us modern moms a run for our high-fashion dollar. Is there any hope that, when our kids look back someday, we'll be seen as style icons? Or are more modern trends like the big hair and mom jeans of the '80s or today's skinny jeans or maxi dresses destined to make us look unsophisticated down the line?


Seems like so many moms of yesteryear really were style icons. Perhaps it's the nostalgia for times past that makes all those women in photos taken 20 or 50 years ago look so chic and fashion forward. Or perhaps something's gotten lost along the way.

Here's a selection of captivating mamas from My Mom, the Style Icon. You won't see any mom jeans in here:

vintage photo woman

vintage photo woman car fur coat

bathing beauty woman suit swim

mom kids vintage

bathing beauty woman suit swim sunglasses

green coat 60s woman

mom 70s hipster

woman stylish bed

Aren't these photos great? I could look at old photos like these for hours.

I wonder if these moms really were more stylish than we are today, their lives more glamorous. If only photos could talk. If only these lovely ladies, and my dear Grandma, could whisper out to us and tell us all their secrets. I bet they have some good ones (not limited to how garter belts were totally lame!)!

Go check out more stylish mamas over at My Mom, the Style Icon. You can even send in a photo of your very own fashionista mama.

Is it at all important for you to be considered stylish by your kids? Do you think our styles today will make icon status someday?

Images via My Mom, the Style Icon; found via dear golden


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