Elle Fanning & Me: Dueling Red Carpet Fashion

elle fanning nutcracker 3dLast week's world premiere of The Nutcracker 3D had me on the red carpet (along with my daughter) ready to exchange fashion tips and drop designer names with Elle Fanning and anyone else who I was lucky enough to get close to on the walk into the theater. Of course I had to look good too. You never know who's going to wind up in the background of those red carpet shots.

Elle looked sparkly in Azarro, but my outfit was going to prove to be much more challenging. What with no designers willing to send over a few frocks for me to choose from.

Instead, I opened my closet and allowed a friend and my 4-year-old to call the shots.


red carpet fashionI started with three of my favorite dresses for chillier weather.

From left to right: Sharagano patterned dress with leather belt and John Fluevog boots, circa 1997. The '90s are back y'all! While my dress garnered a compliment from a celebrity at an event earlier this year, the boots were really all about keeping me warm while I was outside waiting for a glimpse of the stars. (I realize heels should be your go-to on the red carpet, but I was thinking comfort over style. I know! That's so wrong.)

In the middle is a dress by a Ft. Greene designer I met outside the Brooklyn Flea. Sadly, I no longer remember her name and each dress was one-of-a-kind with no tag, so I have no idea what's what. The shoes are by another Brooklyn designer, Gentle Souls, that I heard is no longer in business, despite a small presence on Zappos. Lastly is my Ric Rac dress, accompanied by John Fleuvog's Illeana shoes. Both of these outfits would be accompanied by black, opaque tights. Did I mention the '90s were back?

And the winner --

red carpet fashionI paired the Brooklyn Flea find with the Fleuvog's for a winning look. That was, sadly, completely covered up on the red carpet because, dang, it really does get cold at night in Los Angeles!

Still, I could have worked that red carpet had I had a much stronger constitution. I'm giving mad props to Elle for wearing practically nothing at all.






What would you wear on the red carpet?


Images (top to bottom): SplashNews, A. Peveteaux, A. Peveteaux, A. Peveteaux

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