Heidi Klum Sends a Message with Project Runway Contestant's Dress

Heidi KlumIf you watched the latest season of Project Runway and loved Mondo Guerra as much as I did, this photo of Heidi Klum at last night's LA Black Swan premiere will likely warm your heart.

Yes, fans, that's a version of Mondo's famous polka dot evening gown from his Fashion Week collection- and People.com is reporting exclusively that Mondo received a last-minute call from Heidi and had it fitted and made for her in just one day! Said Mondo to People.com:

“I knew she had received the dress, but was she going to wear it?” The answer is now fabulously clear, although Guerra didn’t know until about 10 p.m. Thursday night, when friends started reaching out. “I opened Facebook and there on my page were pictures of Heidi wearing the dress,” he recalls. “I yelled, ‘She wore it!’ I slept very well last night.”

I think that by wearing this dress, Heidi was sending the world  a crystal-clear message...


Obviously, she STILL thinks Mondo should have won.

Project Runway fans will recall Heidi's heated argument with Michael Kors and Nina Garcia over whether Mondo or Gretchen Jones should have won the competition. Heidi (along with guest judge Jessica Simpson) was adamantly pro-Mondo, while Michael and Nina were pro-Gretchen.

Ultimately, Gretchen won- However, by wearing this dress to a high-profile event, I think Heidi is essentially giving Michael and Nina the finger!


What do you think of Heidi's bold move? And who do you think should have won Project Runway?


Image via Splash News

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