What to Wear on Thanksgiving: 5 Terrific Looks From Football to Fancy Dinner

fancy attire dress woman mirrorYou are planning to wear a shiny dress like this to Thanksgiving dinner, right? What? You can simply throw an apron over it if you're cooking the meal. No big deal.

Only kidding ...

No matter your Thanksgiving style or the formality or informality of your get-together, it's a perfect excuse to put together a new outfit that makes you feel happy (or fits the expansive damage of that pumpkin pie, whichever).

We know some of you shop the mall and others of you shop your own closet. Some of you like to dress up and put on some high heels and others of you are into lounge wear that's cozy and comfortable. It's all good on Thanksgiving -- I mean, assuming your hostess isn't a big snoot or something (hee hee).

Let's check out five great Thanksgiving looks -- for the super-casual couch rider to the more formal-loving fancy schmancy.


5 Terrific Thanksgiving Looks  From Football to Fancy Dinner

COUCH RIDER (super casual)

If you're gonna go comfy, then, by golly, GO COMFY. We've picked a few of the softest goodies for your holiday couch time -- be that football game time or a little after-dinner naptime. 

sweat suit velour faux fur bootsVelour Zip Hoodie (was $19.50; now $16) at Old Navy

Velour Lounge Pants (was $19.50; now $16) at Old Navy

Faux-Fur Boot Slippers ($19.50) at Old Navy

IT'S CHILL, BABY (casual)

Prefer to just be casual and chill on Thanksgiving. Here's a nice-looking outfit that you'll feel good in all day.

casual outfit target

Merona Collection Bellona Wool Sweater ($39.99) at Target

Mossimo Premium Denim Jeggings ($24.99) at Target

Merona Madalena Suede Ballet Flats ($19.99) at Target

COOK-FRIENDLY (for the chef)

If you're cooking dinner, your outfit needs to fit a few criteria: comfy, not too hot, and machine washable! This look is all of the above.


Always Skinny Cords ($59.50) at Gap

Silk Blend Ruffle Blouse ($49.50) at Gap 

Aerosoles Original ($79.99) at Piperlime

HIPSTER (trendy)

Here's a fun collaboration for the fashion-loving hipster. Add fishnets and these hot red heels!

black lace dress red suede heels

Urban Renewal JOHANN Lacy Luck Dress ( was $68; now $59.99) from UO

Kimchi Blue Perforated Suede Heel ($58) from UO

FANCY SCHMANCY (semi-formal)

Going formal this year? Well, formal and shiny isn't what it used to be. Thank goodness. This shimmery dress is lovely (and will probably work for New Year's Eve, too!)

elegant fancy dress

Couplet Shimmer Dress ($198) at J.Crew

Archer Peep-Toe Ankle Boots ($250) at J.Crew

What style attire will you be wearing to Thanksgiving dinner?


Top image via epicharmus/Flickr


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