A Uniform for Every Type of Mom


Despite what popular culture would have you believe, the Catholic school uniform is not sexy. Take it from someone who spent the majority of her school years wearing one: droopy knee socks and baggy tops are much more the norm, and we'd be suspended if we wore our skirts that short.

They are, however, awesome: Imagine not having to concern yourself with what you're wearing five days a week. Shirt, skirt, socks, shoes: done, with no worrying about what goes with what or where the heck the belt that looks best with those pants has gotten to.

It's great for laundry too: instead of a huge variety of colors and fabrics, you're mostly concerned with just two or three.

So I say: let's bring back the uniform! Having a standard outfit you wear every day gives you one less thing to think about and simplifies shopping.


Once you find something you like that looks good on you, just hop online and order a bunch of them in different colors. You can jazz up your outfit with shoes and accessories to keep from getting bored ... and just like school, there are "free dress days" if you feel like breaking out of your rut. Try these unis on for size:

Stay-at-home/work-at-home mom uniform: Yoga pants or capris, a fleece or a T, depending on the weather. Boots or those cute "active" T-strap or Mary Jane shoes would look nice with this. Jeans and a sweater will also never let you down.

Working mother uniform: Well-fitting black pants, blouse or shell, cardigan. Easy to handle if the baby spits up on you right as you're doing daycare drop-off; just ditch the cardi and you're still good. Cardigans are so hot right now there are tons of cute, non-boring options.

Girls' night out uniform: Hot jeans (not mom jeans: get your daughter or teenage babysitter's help with this one) and a sexy top. Or if the emphasis is more on catching up with girlfriends than Moms Gone Wild, wear one of your other uniforms ... or pretend it's college and make your friends help choose your outfit.

Date night uniform: Black or red and low cut. It could be a football jersey, for all he'll notice, as long as cleavage is on display.

Do you have a uniform?

Image via King Tyrone (Tyrone Adams)/Flickr


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