Do Vaginas Need Facials? (An Internal Dialogue)

spaI suppose the whole concept of the vagacial -- or vagina facial -- makes sense. If you're going to subject your lady bits to the sheer torture that is Brazilian waxing, the least you could do is follow up the sadism with a soothing, cleansing spa treatment.

Did Olga rip out your brains along with your pubic hair? That's literally the stupidest thing you've ever thought. You must be joking.

I never joke about vaginas.

Nor I ...

It's just that ingrown hairs are such a buzzkill. If there was a way to exfoliate, scrub, pluck, cleanse, and soothe them away, would that really be such a horrible idea?


Actually, I think the word "vagacial" is pretty horrible enough on its own.

Ah, but technically it should be called the "vulvacial" -- given that the treatment takes place on the vulva or outside of the body.

That's not much better. And why does it seem like everyone needs a lesson in female anatomy these days?

So true. But back to the incorrectly named vagacial: There's just something fascinating about thinking that it's possible to "pretty up" down there.

Wow. I never pegged you as someone with such low self esteem that she would cave to the pressure of trying to attain the perfect vagina. What's next? Vaginal-rejuvenation surgery? I bet that feels nice.

Never say that again. So, you're calling me superficial?

If the shoe fits ... c'mon, do vaginas really need facials?

There's only one way to find out.


Would you give your vagina a facial?


Image via Mt. Hood Territory/Flickr

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