Six Ways to Wear Your Red Cable-Knit Beanie

Old NavySeveral weeks ago, I posted a photo of the divine Taylor Swift wearing a red cable-knit beanie in Paris.

Soon afterward, I found an identical one at Old Navy for just $9.50 and promptly bought it.

Now that I'm the proud owner of a red cable-knit beanie, I'm finding that it just might be the most versatile item in my closet right now.

Click through to see photos of six different ways to wear a red cable-knit beanie. You'll be astounded at the many things you can do with this seemingly simple hat!


Red BeanieIt's simple to go all garden gnome in your red cable-knit beanie! Just be sure to wear the appropriate expression, so that people really get to 'gnome' you better ...


Red BeanieWear your beanie like a tortured boho artist! This is a great way to hide the bubblegum your 6-year-old got stuck in your hair last night.


Red BeanieUse your beanie to hide that horrible home dye job until you can get to the salon!!


Red BeanieWear your red beanie like a cloche hat -- one of the hottest hats of the fall/winter season!


Red BeanieUp the edge factor by turning your beanie into a Federline-esque cable-knit fedora! Bet you didn't think of this one, did you?


Red BeanieOr get back to basics and wear your red beanie straight up. This was my original plan for the beanie ... but now I'm thinking Garden Gnome is more my style ...

Got any more ideas for the red cable-knit beanie? Which look is your fave?


Images via Old Navy and Lindsay Ferrier

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