'Twilight' Wedding Gown Has to Be a Joke

kristen stewartFans of the Twilight series have been waiting eagerly for the Breaking Dawn movie to come out for lots of reasons, not the least of which is the Big Reveal of Bella Swan's dress for her wedding to Edward Cullen. But it's possible we have already seen the design for Bella's dress, and just didn't know it.

Awhile back, InStyle asked several well-known designers to sketch their visions of what Bella's dress might look like, based on Bella's mom's description of Bella looking like she "stepped out of an Austen movie" when she first sees her in the 1900s-style dress. (Jane Austen wrote in the early 1800s, but whatever, we don't look to Twilight for literary acumen.)

Different designers took this different ways: Some went very old-fashioned, others quite modern. But here's the intriguing part: Rumors are going around that Zac Posen will be the designer of Bella's dress for the movie version. And who contributed a design to the InStyle piece?

Zac Posen!!

Want to see?


And it's pink!

And kind of horrible! This may be my age showing, but it reminds me way too much of a 1980s prom gown, the kind where you had to take off the hoop that was poofing out your skirt before you got in the limo. The asymmetrical hem and high-button boots are not helping this impression, nor do the poofy sleeves. I'll say it again ... POOF!

Kristen Stewart is not going to look nice in this, either. I could see her in a true Regency gown, with a square neckline and Empire waist, or a long, slim, lacy Edwardian gown.

What do you think? Could this be The Dress? Does it say "Bella Swan" to you?

Would you wear it to marry your vampire boyfriend?


Images via Brinana :)/Flickr; InStyle

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