The Turban Is Back! Will You Wear One?

TurbanPerhaps the biggest clue to the turban's return came when Sarah Jessica Parker, always several steps ahead of the Next Big Thing, wore a turban in Sex and the City 2.

When Carrie Bradshaw does it, it's only a matter of time before everyone's doing it, you know?

Yes, my bad hair day-plagued friends, get ready.

The turban is about to make a big comeback this spring.

The question is ... will you wear one?





Jason Wu

Jason Wu was one of several designers recently to send his models down the runway in turbans. Salma Hayek was spotted wearing one while out and about during Paris Fashion Week, and just yesterday, The New York Times devoted an entire article to the turban trend.

I'm not a fan of the look when pulled down over the forehead a la Sarah Jessica, or when it covers the entire head as it does in Jason Wu's show.

However, check out how the turban is rocked by style blogger Kelly from The Glamourai. She wore her turban farther back on her head, letting her hair peep out the front, and the effect was cute and very '50s! As an added bonus, the post tells you exactly how to tie a turban together, using a large scarf.

I'm sort of dying to try wearing a turban one day as a style dare ... how about you?

Would you wear a turban, particularly if you start seeing them everywhere next spring?


Images (top to bottom) Sex and the City 2; Jason Wu

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