A Really Big Fur Hat. Just What You've Always Wanted.

SSenseOh, if only I could find a really big fur hat, you've been telling yourself lately.

One that would really get me noticed.

One that would make me look like I was part of the cast of Yo Gabba Gabba!

One that looks as if a reindeer has just shot me out of its hoo-ha.

One that would take everyone's attention away from that zit that just popped up on my chin.

One that goes really well with go-go boots.

One that must weigh about eleventy-hundred pounds.

One that will make PETA friggin' nuts.

Oh girls, I'm about to make all your Really Big Fur Hat dreams come true ...

Provided you're willing to pay a Really Big Bill.


A $4,450 bill to be exact.

Yes, peeps. For just under $5,000, this Fur Headdress from maison martin margiela can be yours!


Where will you wear it?

Fur HatChuck E. Cheese?


Fur HatThe car rider pick-up line?



Fur HatKroger's triple coupon discount day?

The choices are ENDLESS ...

What do you think of this REALLY BIG FUR HAT?


Image via Ssense.com


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