Glamorous Flats Even Mariah Carey Could Love


Mariah Carey is famous for wearing sky-high heels and looking pretty great in them. But pregnancy and stilettos don't mix; just ask Alicia Keys. Mariah's husband Nick Cannon has been after her to get some flats, even going so far as to buy her 20 pairs of them recently.

She rejected them all; apparently they all had that flip-flop-like toe thong, which she didn't like. Eventually, like it or not, she'll have to climb down off the five-inch heels and accept flats into her life.

It's hard enough to walk once the relaxing starts doing its job and your hips and pelvis begin to move away from each other to let the baby out. Teetering around on high heels at that point gives a new meaning to "fashion victim." Not to mention how much your feet hurt and swell during pregnancy.

Luckily, flats are in right now so there are a ton of flat shoes and boots that have a little glamour to them. Even Mariah Carey might give up her heels for these:

Air Zelo boot from the Maria Sharapova collection from Cole-Haan: Over-the-knee height and an edgy studded top add up to one sexy boot: and warm, too!







Sofft Polina: These are cute, come in a bunch of colors, and even have a teeny tiny heel on them if she misses the clicking sound. And while "Sofft" doesn't sound too glamorous, by about the seventh month, soft, supportive shoes are a must.





Ciao Bella Frankie Flat: Neutral, sparkly silver, with a pretty floral detail along the side; you'd wear these constantly, pregnant or not.





Adrienne Vittadini Rick Flat: I like the chain link detail here and the red; this could pair with a red-carpet dress much better than most flats.




Romantic Soles Geneva: The pretty flower detail and satin fabric jazz these up, plus these come in a bunch of colors, and at $60, she could afford one of each.







Guess Women's Emphasis ballet flat: Another satin number, these are quite feminine with their soft colors and not the kind of thing you see coming and going.








Maloles Women's Be Flat: It's rare that flats inspire the "MUST HAVE NOW" response ... they're more of a serviceable, necessary part of the shoe wardrobe than shoes that make you say, "Wow, I want those!" These do. And, unfortunately, cost $463.

Are you a flats wearer? Which one is your favorite?


Images via Zappos (Sofft, Romantic Soles); Endless (Cole-Haan, Maloles, Guess); DSW (Vittadini, Ciao Bella)

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moder... modernmom2010

I hate ballet flats, but when I was pregnant I wore the hell out of them. There was no way my swollen feet were fitting into my pumps/stilettos anymore! I especially like the Guess ones you listed.

Carey... Carey2006

I like flats but I need one with extra cushioning!!!!

tonya... tonyalynn

i just have a basic brown and black pair

ethan... ethans_momma06

I like the sofft polina ones!

clean... cleanaturalady

I love flats.  Those silver ones are really cute.

tazdvl tazdvl

The only ones I like are the Polina ones.

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