3 Stylishly Tame Thanksgiving Nail Colors -- Sans Orange

As we move toward the holiday season, the leaves turn a gorgeous golden shade, the air becomes crisp, and we inevitably attend some sort of awkward family gathering.

Walking the line between fashionable and family-friendly can sometimes be as difficult as trying to negotiate a hostage situation, but finding the balance between your personal style and "appropriate" is key. Nail trends come and go, but you'll never forget the look of shock on your mother's face the first time she caught you wearing black polish, will you? 

Save the drama for the kitchen by trying one of these seasonally appropriate shades this Thanksgiving ...




Keep it earthy

Brown polish has made a comeback in a big way. While brown is black's more wearable cousin, it's not always easy to find a shade that complements your skin tone. For a foolproof brown, try a rich chocolate, like Essie's Little Brown Dress ($8). If you're wanting a more trendy shade, MAC's Style Clan ($13), a mid-tone brown with subtle orange glitter (okay so just a little), adds a dash of fun to a neutral color.

Mean green

Taking a cue from the military-inspired trends on the runway, green has made a strong resurgence. Barielle's Date Night ($8) is a true, metallic green, reminiscent of a forest full of pine trees. If you'd rather save the evergreens for Christmas, check out Essie's Sew Psyched ($8), a shade pulled right from camo uniforms (and perfect if you're from a military family).

When all else fails, go for glitter

Glitter is a HUGE trend in holiday polish this season, but for family occasions, try glitter that looks more like a candle's flickering flame rather than a signal to the space station. Finger Paint's Holly Good Times ($4) is a subtle golden glitter mixture with hints of red and oddly autumnal, given its shade name.


Have you ever worn a shade of nail polish that made your mom pull out the remover? Share in the comments below!

Images courtesy of Puzzler4879/Flickr, Essie, Barielle & Sally Beauty

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