Bedbug Reported at J.Crew's New York Office: OH HELL

J. CrewFollowing in the footsteps of Bloomingdale's, the Elle magazine offices, and Macy's New York office ...

J.Crew announced today that it has bedbugs at its New York corporate office.

Or, to be more specific,



According to The Cut, an e-mail was sent out to J.Crew employees this morning alerting them to the discovery.

From the e-mail:

We were notified today that one bed bug was found in our 2 Penn location. We believe that this incident is isolated and are treating the immediate and surrounding area.

Ew, ew, ewwwww.


Thankfully, I live nowhere near J.Crew's NYC corporate office, so I'm not too concerned ...

However here's another case of a business claiming it has JUST ONE BEDBUG.

I mean, really. Is that even possible? ONE BEDBUG?

It's not like you hear people going around saying, "I have bedbug." No. They have bedbugs.

Unless they work at J.Crew's offices.

J.Crew has bedbug.

And it's safe to say that bedbug has very good taste.

Are you as obsessed with the bedbug epidemic as I am?


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