Victoria's Secret Revealed: Modest Moms Can Wear (Some of) Their Clothing, Too!

Victoria's SecretWhen you think of Victoria's Secret's clothing line, you probably think of low-cut dresses on models with impossibly big boobs and tiny waists.

And you'd be right -- partially.

But while there's plenty of gear for the, ahem, exhibitionists out there, there are also some really cute things for the rest of us -- and when they go on clearance, as they often do at VS, you can get some FANTASTIC deals!

Check out this adorable babydoll dress, for example. It comes in several different colors and it's on sale right now for just $12.99!

Staple dress for next summer, anyone?

Read on for more fantastic deals on clothing that doesn't expose too much skin!





Victoria's SecretAfter having both babies, I practically lived in VS babydoll tops like this one (Victoria's Secret, $14.99 on clearance), which hid my slowly shrinking mummy tummy without making me feel frumpy. These tops do just fine in the wash, which is very good for mommies everywhere. Also? It comes in lots of different colors, including black! And don't worry -- unless you're wearing a pushup bra or have an enormous bosom, you won't be spilling out of your top like the model. I've only had one top from VS ever seem a bit too low cut (it was a v-neck wrap), and I just wore a tank underneath it.


Victoria's SecretHere's another great summer dress option that doesn't show off too much skin -- this Smocked Tank Bra Top Dress (Victoria's Secret, $14.99 on clearance). Great price, no?


Victoria's SecretLove them or hate them, these sequined leggings (Victoria's Secret, $19.99 on clearance) are a hot trend this season, and since they retailed at $88.50, they're now an amazing price!


Victoria's SecretA black vest is really a wardrobe staple and this Seasonless Stretch Three-Button Vest (Victoria's Secret, $19.99 on clearance) would make a perfect addition.

A few other tips on shopping at Victoria's Secret ...

Get on the e-mail list. VS is ALWAYS putting new items on clearance, so it's good to stay updated on its sales.

Before you order, always Google "Victoria's Secret coupon codes." VS generally has lots of different offers going at any given time that will save you even more money on your order. Right now, for example, you can get $15 off an order of $100 and $30 off an order of $150 with the code FA1023881. I'm often able to find codes for money off and free shipping when I order.

So there you have it -- the lowdown on Victoria's Secret.

Thinking of shopping the website now?


Images via Victoria's Secret

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