Hoochieware: Would You Buy It?

HoochiewareWatch out, world! Hoochieware is here, a new lifestyle brand featuring "artistic novelty tees, perfect fitting jeans and pants, flirty skirts, chic dresses, and scent-sational body care products." But before all the hoochies out there get excited, just hold on.

Apparently, Hoochieware isn't for y'all. It's for, um ... the original hoochies.

Wondering what the heck I'm talking about? Read on ...

According to the Hoochieware news release, the brand wants to take back the term "hoochie," which they say originally referred to 1920s-era Flappers.

"These true 'Hoochies' were courageous, unapologetic, and proud of who they were," asserts the Hoochieware press release.

Uh. Okay.

So why should we care whether naming a clothing line "Hoochieware" is a bad idea?

Well, Hoochieware plans to donate 100% of its net profits to Point Hope, a nonprofit that helps women and families by teaching them life skills. With so much money potentially going to a good cause, wouldn't it make more sense to choose a brand name that doesn't have a negative connotation for women?

What do you think? Would you wear clothing with a Hoochieware label?


Image via Hoochieware

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madfoot madfoot

Well then the clothes should have more of a '20s flair!

madfoot madfoot

oh p.s. my grandpa used to refer disapprovingly to my dad's cousins in the Bronx as "flappers."

lovin... lovinangels

It'll definitely grab your attention... and I wouldn't say no based on the name.

Kittt... Kittty_Katt

what te hell judgemental asses all round  arent you its just a damn name ...

Marsh... MarshaCWP

Well, the flappers were considered to be hoochies by the modern definition of the term.  They shortened their skirts, wore revealing clothes, bobbed their hair, danced at the speak-easies, etc.  They were the wild rebellious women of their day.

If the clothing has HOOCHIE in big letters across it, I wouldn't wear it.  But if it's on a concealed label, I wouldn't care.

Mommy... Mommy2Mal

I wouldn't rule it out based on the name alone. And the fact that they wanna help women is awesome. I wouldn't wear anything pictured above though. Talk about lame.

Catherine Marler Rapp

What I great cause!  I'd wear it if it's flattering to my body type! It'd make for a great opportunity to tell people about a good charity when they commented on the name.

Linds... LindsayFerrier

LOL, that's one way of looking at it!

Miss-... Miss-Baby-Baker

Nah, I can't say I would buy it. It's not because of the name, but because the clothes they show online just aren't that great for the price. I can buy those clothes for over half the price shaved off at JC Penney.

mandy... mandyhornbuckle

What kind of idiots were over there in marketing? You have a great thing going with the money going to a great cause, something a lot of people will get into (just ask Toms shoes), and yet you drive some of your potential customers away by labeling your stuff "Hoochiewear?" Regardless of the original meaning of the word, "hoochie" doesn't mean that anymore. Next up: Gay-wear for men. IT MEANS HAPPY, YOU KNOW!

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